Incorporight is committed to helping providers improve their corporate management solution for their clients. From the start, we offer development services to get the platform customized and integrated into existing systems. Beyond that, our commitment to ongoing, first-rate support ensures that the system is consistently functional and always receiving new improvements and features.

Your solution should meet your needs. That’s why we start by working with you to determine what your solution should look like and include.

We customize our software to meet the needs of our customers. From company creation, to document management and signing flows, to corporate changes, we provide a variety of software implementations that your solution can take advantage of.

With our proprietary blockchain-enabled system, you’ll always have a leg up on the competition, with unmatched data and user security and unparalleled transparency from the start.

We have developed our platform to integrate seamlessly with your existing software infrastructure. We create custom APIs to facilitate seamless communication between our platform and your current systems.

We also work with you to ensure data consistency across all systems with real-time updates.

Our platform can be endlessly customized to fit your needs and brand identity.

Our client-centric philosophy enables you to decide everything about your software solution; there are no stock features. Your solution can be personalized to reflect your brand identity and values. From the user interface design to the feature suite, your solution will create a unique and immersive experience for your users.

Your solution can also be custom built with scalability in mind, seamlessly accommodating the growth of the platform and user base.

The journey doesn’t end with the development of your solution. With our first-class support systems, your software solution will always remain accessible, functional and operational.

We are committed to working with you to resolve any issues as they arise and are constantly monitoring your software to proactively identify any bugs or vulnerabilities.

We are always looking for ways to improve and optimize your solution and new features and bug fixes will be present on your solution from Day 1.

We also prepare training and documentation for your internal teams so they can maximize the value of your software solution

Enterprise Pricing

Starting from: $599 /mo.

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